Luke Burns

National Skills Fund - Rate 2 (Cat 46)


I'm trying to determine the funding value for qualifications in the new National Skills Fund offer, but have noticed that those which fall into 'rate 2' do not have this information available on Find A Learning Aim. Does anyone know whether this is an error, or am I misunderstanding the funding available for rate 2 quals?

Here's an example:

I know the rates affect the uplift, but there doesn't appear to be a base rate for the rate 2 quals.


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Kelly Knights

I had assumed we could take values under Advanced Learning loan tab. Would be good if others know differently

Jayne Macleod


If you click on category down left side you get information - code 46 which is £600 on top of the ALL funding



Kelly Knights

I believe Luke's question was how he determines what  the base rate funding is, as there is nothing under adult skills. I suggested we use the value under loans as it is L3 delivery but I'm not sure if that was the correct advice to give.

Luke Burns

Hi Kelly, yes, that's exactly it - I wasn't sure how to determine the base rate, but I think your suggestion is a good one, since the ALL rates are pretty much always the same as the Adult Skills rates - I'll go with that for now, thanks :)

Kelly Knights

I'm actually just emailing the helpdesk to check with them. I tested some other quals that appear on the L3 offer spreadsheet and some appear (but none of the ones I'm delivering)  - very strange

Kelly Knights

Luke Burns: I received response from eSFA.

Please refer to the following document:


The matrix in paragraph 51 shows the rates for the learning aim based on hours and programme weighting (in your example both are C), and paragraph 68 onwards describes the calculations for the level 3 offer.


Both aims are only for the Level 3 offer and are not part of the wider AEB offer.

Does this help Luke Burns?