Laura Cahill

19-24 Traineeships - Recording work preparation aims


Can anyone clarify the codes that need to be used for the work preparation aims for 19-24 Traineeships.  Do you need to record the aim based on the remaining hours after the minimum 70 hours re work placement.

i.e - learner L1 on 210 hour programme, 70 hours placement and 140 hours training and delivery, therefore would be 

Z0001551 - 
Non regulated SFA formula funded provision, Preparation for Work, 101 to 196 hrs, PW A

Do we need to use the code that is sector specific i.e Construction?
I cant find any guidance on this and I am new to Traineeships.




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Martin West

The weighting is always A for work preparation.

For Traineeships:

  1. Work preparation learning aims do not generate funding, as they are included within the single work-placement rate for work placement and work preparation.

Laura Cahill

Thanks Martin, yes we just wasnt sure if we needed to add the code or what code to add if needed in the ILR?



Chris Roberts

We use ZWRKX001 in the ilr for our placements.