Matt Wood

New standards version


Does anybody know what we would report in the ILR and paperwork if a learner switches from one version of a standard to a new version of the same standard? Would it be classed as a transfer of programme?


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Helen Cuthbert

Depends on how the ESFA and IFATE work it, but realistically it could be a new start. Even if its not a new start then the paperwork etc all needs to be amended as its will have different KSB's.  Nursing Associates could be transitioned but it wasn't clear how at the time but don't think this is the case with all.

Victoria Mansfield

This is not terribly helpful right now I'm afraid, but in a workshop with the Senior Manager of Apprenticeships Funding Policy at AAC last week they said that guidance around changes in standard versions would be made available in August. I asked whether there is any guidance available now, particularly regarding changes in circumstances combined with a change in the standard, but the answer was that guidance is due to be released in August. 

For the SLMDA to SLA standard revision, my understanding is that the LARs are unchanged, so I don't know how you could record the switch in the ILR? I'm very new at this though so am still trying to work things out.