Linda Theodoris

Study Programme - over 2 Academic years?


HI there

Does anyone know if you can have a learner on a study programme that spans over 2 academic years please?

thank you



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Phil Dawe

Hi Linda Theodoris,

Yes and no. ;-)

You can have aims that span multiple years but each academic year will be considered an individual SP and banded based on the hours delivered in that year.

e.g. a two year extended dip with Maths and English and EEP with a start date in sept 21 and ending in June 23 taking totalling 1100 hours would be funded as two study progs @band 5 dep. on learner age.


a shorter traineeship starting June 21 and ending Oct 21 @300 hours would be funded as two study progs @band 1. 


Linda Theodoris

Hi Phil 

thank you very much for your quick reply. much appreciated