Timothy Billinghurst

Change of Employer


So we work with our local council providing apprenticeships in schools.  Once of the apprentices has moved from one school within the council to the another school.  They left school 1 on the 3rd May and started at school 2 on the 4th May.

The Levy provider is the council.

On the ILR, other than changing the employer is there anything else that we need to do?


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Steven Hale

Hi Timothy - does the council provide the levy payments directly to you through their own levy account, or do they transfer funds to the school/employer?

Timothy Billinghurst

The council provides the levy payment directly.

Steven Hale

Is the apprentice employed by the school or the council?

Timothy Billinghurst

The school

Steven Hale

.....therefore should the council not by funding the apprenticeship by a levy transfer to the school, and the school recording the apprentice on their own AS account?

I would be interested to know if that is allowed under ESFA funding rules as I understood the agreement on the AS system should be between the training provider and the employer?

We have similar relationships with NHS trusts and small GP practices which are all funded by levy transfers, although the method you describe above would be much easier. It would save having to guide lots of small employers through the AS set up an management process.

Steven Hale

It sounds as though it depends on the type of school and if the LA pays the employer salary.

Your query isn't as straight forward as I first thought due to the various types of LA/School relationships.

Therefore if your school was a maintained school it might just be a case of changing employer id.


Timothy Billinghurst

Hello Steven,

Thank you for your response.

Schools are indeed very confusing but that guide is quite useful.