Rachel Jobes

BIL Learners ending their learning


Apologies again folks trying to make sense of funding rules and ESFA incidents has again left me confused.  I appreciate everyone helping those of us who haven't been in the game long and have to manage our way through this.

I have learners who had a BIL and I was told I needed to enter new learning aims when they came back from a break in learning.  I did this and ended the old Learning aims.

They have now finished their learning and I am trying to end the learning aims that are the current ones.  I'm getting an FRM_04.

So am I correct in changing the original BIL to he same end date?  Apparently when there is a BIL, all aims should be recorded on the same date as the BIL. 
The ESFA explanation is this can someone tell me what that actually means and maybe how to rectify it.  "The learner was recorded on the programme aim as a BIL on 01/05/2020, the component aim was not recorded as a BIL, you have then recorded the same component aim as restart on 01/07/2020 but the original aim was not 'withdrawn due to a BIL" I have 9 learners I will have to do the same to.


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Ruth Canham-James

I'm not sure exactly what you've done, but if someone started on 01/09/2020 with a planned end date (PED) of 28/06/2022, went on a break on 01/02/2021, and returned on 01/05/2021, for each aim that followed that pattern you'd have;

Enrolment 1 - Start Date 01/09/2020. PED 28/06/2022. Completion Status Temporary Withdrawal. Actual End Date 01/02/2021.

Enrolment 2 - Start Date 01/05/2021. PED 28/09/2022 (ish, usually extend the original PED by the duration of the break). Completion status Continuing. Original Start Date 01/09/2020. Use Learning Delivery FAM code RES1.

Both have to go in the ILR, and the old one stays as Temp Withdrawal forever. Some aims might have had different start and end dates, so they would be a bit different. Is this an apprentice of something else?


Rachel Jobes

Oh my gosh Ruth - thank you it's taken me a while but that has helped me massively fix a couple of different accounts - I'm not quite familiar with a Learning Delivery FAM code but as ILR has no errors I assume the field on my software has the right info in.  Cannot thank you enough appreciate the example massively and that it helped with another error because of similar reasons - tomorrow I can go and repair some BILs before we need to do it all again lol - Thank you very very much

Ruth Canham-James

No problem :) You definitely need to make sure it's coded as RES1, but how you do that varies from software to software, or if you're using the ILR data entry tool. There is an ILR rule (OrigLearnStartDate_04) that says "If the Original learning start date is returned, then there must be a Restart indicator", so if you're putting in the original start date, and it's not erroring, you must have returned RES.