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Recording Work Experience within the ILR


Hi, we have Study Programme learners that complete Work Experience (W/Ex).  We try to plan in where possible their W/Ex from the start of their Programme so this information is added to the ILR with immediate effect including the EEP hours.  In some cases they do not always start on the date on the ILR, it could be a couple of months after or even not at all and in some cases they might have more than one W/Ex placement.  Is it ok to adjust the dates on the ILR or is it better to close the W/Ex ( ZWRKX001) down and open another for every one they attend. We also have an additional section on the ILR on PICS (MIS System) called Work Placement Details where you can add in additional W/Ex, but I wasn't sure if the different dates may clash with the dates on the main part of the ILR.  If you can make any sense of the above and you can help it would be much appreciated.  Oh the joy's!!! Thanks in advance.


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It's usually OK for the Start and Planned End dates on the ZWRKX001 aim itself to cover the length of the programme because the Work Exp entity/entities which hang off the aim (which I assume is what PICS is creating in the Details) will have the precise dates of when they went out. So they only need one ZWRKX001 a year which can have multiple placements attached to it.

However, if they have NO work exp at all, you should, in general, not be returning it or including the hours. That doesn't apply this specific year due to the Covid rules:

If, during 2020 to 2021, planned funded activity becomes impossible to deliver due to local ‘social distancing requirements’ (or other obstacles), we expect institutions to arrange substitute activities. For example, where external work experience becomes impossible then students should be offered alternative arrangements that help them meet their original study programme objectives.

from Page 9 of the Funding Guidance.


Connor Goulding

Sorry to jump on this post, but Steve Hewitt, if you have offered substitute activities relating to work preparation (interview preparation with local employers etc), would you be recording that as a 'placement' against the work experience aim?

It doesn't feel quite right to as it's not strictly a work experience placement and is essentially enrichment.. not to mention, would save a lot of work! We have the evidence recorded in our learner ILP so assume that would be sufficient.. but I don't want to cut the corner without a sounding board. Thanks as always!


No, if they haven't "gone out" I wouldn't record the ZWRKX001, it's basically just EEP. Would very much keep a record of what was *planned* and why it didn't happen (as obvious as that reason might be!) though.

Connor Goulding

Steve Hewitt Perfect, that was my thinking too. Thanks once again.