Peter Keating

Withdrawal or Completer Non-Achiever


Having a bit of a disagreement with what Completion/Outcome should be used when a learner is gone past their planned end date and finished.

This is what is being interpreted:

Apprenticeships Framework - Completer Non-Achiever

Apprenticeship Standard - Withdrawal (especially if not entered into EPA)

Adult Classroom Learning - Completer Non-Achiever

Is someone able to confirm is correct? 

Thank you in advance


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Martin West

The Completion status is an indication of the degree of completion of the learning activities leading to the learning aim.

For apprenticeship standards the completion status cannot be updated until the EPA has been completed.

Where a learner passes their planned end date and has not completed all the learning activities including any assessments or examinations associated with the aim or programme then they are continuing until such time as they complete or are withdrawn.

The issue is that you have used the term finished but my interpretation is they have only finished when they have completed or withdrawn from the learning activity.

Passing their planned end date is not the criteria it is have they completed or withdrawn.


Ben James

Agree with Martin; planned end date has not bearing on whether a learner completes or withdraws. There are obviously exceptions, but generally speaking;

If a learner is on a Framework and leaves early they'll be a Withdrawal (3 - Withdrawn/3 - No Achievement)

If a learner is on a Framework and achieves they'll be an Achiever (2 - Completed/1 - Achieved)

Standards are slightly more nuanced in that if a learner progresses to the stage where they take their EPA they are still marked as having completed (2 - Completed) but this can either result in a pass (1 - Achieved) or a fail (3 - No Achievement)


Ruth Canham-James

You can definitely have an AEB enrolment passed the Planned End Date, and still a withdrawal. Like Martin says, if they haven't completed the learning activities (inclosing assessments), they couldn't have completed, so they're a withdrawal, not a fail.