Lyn Keates

Training on Eligibility for 2021/22


Does anyone know of any training being provided or available for providers on the AEB 21/22 funding rules, specifically around changes in eligibility connected to residency?   


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Martin West

I do not know of any training being offered but the only change in this section is the update for EU and EEA who now come under EEA nationals in the UK and are require to have obtained either pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and have lived continuously in the EEA, Gibraltar or UK for at least the previous 3 years on the first day of learning.

Any such applicant can use the following service to prove their status, this would normally be the responsibility of their employer to do so and evidence from the employer that they have confirmed the Apprentice status should suffice.


I've pleaded with ESFA to provide some...

I'm sure the usual suspects (including me!) will be doing something, but haven't seen anything announced yet. I'm awaiting clarification on a couple of points before I do anything...

Lyn Keates

When you hear anything, please let me know as we would really appreciate any training on offer. 


Trish Howard

Steve, I'd also be very interested in joining any training that you plan to do :)

Karen Fone

Has anyone else noticed that the section in the Funding Rules for 2021/22 around Residency Eligibility and particularly family members of UK and EEA nationals no longer has any reference to the Principal, and states the following:

A 'family member' is the husband, wife, civil partner, child, grandchild, dependent parent or grandparent of a UK or EEA national.A family member is eligible for funding if they:

  • where required to do so, have obtained pre settled or settle status under the EU settlement scheme and
  • have been ordinarily resident in the UK or EEA for at least the previous three years on the first day of learning.

I would have thought that this could have some significant impact on learners who would have been eligible in 2020/21 and will no longer be in 2021/22 - unless I am missing something?


Yup, asked for clarification last week as to whether this was actually gone, response didn't actually answer the question, which I told them ;)

Should I actually get an answer, I'll let you know.

Benjamin Cowdery

Hi SteveH


I would also be interested in the training you plan on delivering; please do let me know when you are ready :)




Well, as you've all asked so nicely, how about next Friday, 2pm, free on youtube:

tell your friends ;)

Benjamin Cowdery

Fab, I'll bring the peanuts and a bottle.  It would be great if some of the real basics could be covered for those of us just looking at residency and immigration eligibility for the first time? An example might be..."what's the difference between a BRP and a standard residence permit, if there is such a thing?"  or "If a BRP has a date of expiry but the resident is eligible, can they still enrol onto a programme if the PED is beyond this date?"  and even..."Is it possible to remain sane in the FE Sector for more than 6 months?".  Thanks Steve.

Lyn Keates

Great - we will be there too!  Thank you.


Benjamin Cowdery After 25 years in the sector, I can only answer your last question with any certainty ;)