Gaynor Hunt

QAR confusuion


Can anyone please help.

We have a cohort of learners with a PED June 2021 who will now not be taking EPA until NOV/DEC 2021 - depending on their progress and availability of EPAO.  

Will these learners be included in 20/21 QAR if they take thier EPA in Nov as they will fall into R14?
Will these learners be included in 21/22 QAR if they take their EPA in Dec as they have completed after the close of R14?

Also the last minimum standards document I can find is dated 18/19 - has another been issued? Should I still be working to this one?



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Martin West

If they take and complete their EPA in Nov/Dec 2021 they will not be entered in the R14 20/21 ILR as this only includes data up to 31/07/2021, it would be entered in the 2021/22 ILR.

As the completion date is later than the planned end date these will be hybrid end year 2022.


Paul Taylor

If the learner passes their EPA with and achievement date in 21/22 then the learner will be counted in that cohort.

18/19 was the last year for minimum standards and at the moment there is no replacement for this. The Agency have said that they will use a wider set of measures to manage risk with the sector but they have not clarified what these are.

Martin West


I seam to remember from a previous post that you did not receive the completion payment, was this due to including them in R14 of the previous year when the achievement date was after 31/07/2020, if so then including them in this year’s ILR this will attract the payment.




Gaynor Hunt

Thank You both for the clarification.