Jackie Danks

DSAT 21B-005 Transferring learners


Transfers: regarding QAR's

i. *Where a learner transferred to a different programme or learning aim

within the same provider and we can match to a new aim where the start

date of the new aim is within 120 days of the actual end date of the old aim.

Where does this fit in with DSAT 21B-005 Transferring learners within a month?


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Martin West

The funding rules for young learners requires that they must be withdrawn when they have they have not attended classes for 4 continuous weeks and the ILR specifications for transfers contains the following: The start date of the new learning aim cannot be earlier from than the actual end date of the learning aim that the learner has transferred from or may be slightly later if there is a delay in the learner starting the new aim.

DSAT 21B-005 is reporting where the learner has not transferred within the period of 1 month as per the above.

As funding streams may be funded differently and have separate funding rules the QAR allows for a longer delay when a learner transfers to a different aim.

The overall expectation is that there should only be a short delay if any when a learner transfers to another aim.



Yes, 120 days in the QAR is purposefully generous to allow for weird situations. Of course, if unscrupulous providers hadn't been transferring to nothing to game their rates, they wouldn't have had to introduce it, before ~17/18 all transfers were just excluded from the QAR.