Annabel Redshaw

Levy to non-levy issue



We have an apprentice that is at Gateway and booked to do his EPA.  He has just left his levy paying employer who has stopped his levy payments.  He does have somewhere he can do his EPA.  How do we go about getting his completion payment can we put put him on ACT2?  He's going to be within 30 days without employment from finishing his last employment to taking his EPA.


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Martin West

The new employer must use DAS so it will be ACT 1, but they do not have to reserve funding as you can use the move facility on DAS to move the employer from the old to the new employer.



Annabel Redshaw

Hi Martin 

That's the problem, he doesn't have a new employer to start with, but he left his employer whilst he was at Gateway and EPA booked.  I know they can be out of employment for 30 days which in this time he should have achieved his EPA.  How do we claim his completion payment if he isn't with his levy employer now and they won't let us claim the completion through their levy because he left.

Martin West

The apprentice cannot undertake the EPA if they are no longer employed, if you can find a new employer and start them with the new employer within 30 days you do not need to withdraw them otherwise you will have to withdraw them and forgo the completion payment.

Michelle L

We have exactly the same scenario and I also was under the impression that they had to be in employment to complete EPA. I know there is a rule about not withdrawing them if they find new employment within 30 days, but I'm not sure this applies to this situation?  My reasoning is, who will be responsible for the final 20% payment if the original employer stops them on the apprenticeship service? If you manage to find anything different, please let me know as it is so frustrating after all the hard work to get a learner to EPA to then not receive the completion payment

Sue Bishop

Won't you have to invoice the non-levy employer for 5% of the outstanding amount, ie 5% of the TNP2 if you've had all the OPPs?

Michelle L

That's the  problem Sue, they don't have a new employer yet

Lyn J

Hi how do you change employers if the original employer was not on DAS as at the point of sign up it wasn't a requirement? Obviously the new employer will have a DAS account is it the same process? but just change the employer details from the point of the new employer? New TNP etc...