Liam Ryan

Change of employer DLOCK 10 error


I have an apprentice that changed employers within 30 days (both non levy). I use the LET and have entered  new TNP 3 and 4 for the residual price and EPA cost. I have also entered a new employer record with the date they moved to the new employer and the new EDRS number. On the DAS the old employer has stopped the funding and the learner is shown as Live on the new employer.  I have a DLOCK 10 error but it shows the name of the new employer not the old one. On the indicative earnings report I have two rows for the ZRPOG001, one showing the new TNP info and one the old but they both show the original Start and PEDs and both show the old EDRS number. can anyone see where I'm going wrong?





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So, my question is "are you getting paid?" because DLOCK 10 isn't really an error, it's just "for info".

It sounds to me like you've got it right and it's the reporting that's wrong (I don't trust the indicative report as far as I can throw it anyway!) and, if you're getting paid, that kind of proves it ;)

Liam Ryan

Runs through FIS ok and doesn't present as an error when sent to SLD but the £500 payments that were due last month weren't paid. Is there a way of checking if we are receiving the monthly payment for this learner?


Yes! The Provider Monthly Payment Report that is part of the Period End report pack (SLD > Reports > Submission History) will tell you exactly what you've been paid and for whom.

Liam Ryan

Thanks Steve, that's very helpful. I'm used to looking at the ILR reports but I never knew these Period End reports existed. Our "onboarding" process from the ESFA consisted of about a dozen slides in a Powerpoint so even after 8 months I'm finding out new things.


Heh, 20 years in and I'm still finding out new things!!!

Judy McConnel

Just to add to this thread - I recently had a DLOCK_10 resolved following advice from the Apprenticeship Service. I discovered that DLOCK_10 can only occur when a stop has been applied to a record and the stop dates on the Apprenticeship Service default to the first of the month. Like you Liam, the DLOCK_10 matched against the old employer, not the new and it took quite a while to sort out!