Peter Keating

Which Subcontractor to Report


We have an Apprentice learner that has been on programme over 3 years and this academic year, the learner's final year; the subcontractor got taken over by another subcontractor. All due diligence has been done on the new subcontractor so that's fine.

The question is who do we declare on the ESFA declaration and in the ILR? The original subcontractor that all the learner's paperwork and contracts are with? Or the new subcontractor that has taken over the original subcontractor?

We had an internal audit team come in recently that brought this up yet when we went back with this same question we never got a response. 


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Kelly Knights

It has to match the UKPRN attached to the learners in your ILR and the organisation that holds that contract 



I'd leave the original one in the ILR (because you can only include one and the original one will have done the majority of it?) but declare the new one on MYESF (because that's the company you're paying this year).

Peter Keating

Many thanks Steve