Judy McConnel

Functional Skills on the ILR



We have an Apprentice who has failed the final element of his legacy FS English and he can't resit as the qualification has expired. We've been told to register him on the 'new' FS which isn't a problem, but can anyone tell me what do we need do regarding the ILR?

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Martin West

Withdraw them and transfer to the new aim:

Recording a learner transfer to a new learning aim within the same provider


Closing aims

Completion status field must be code 3.

Learning actual end date is the date of the last learning activity for the aim.

Withdrawal reason must be code 40.

Outcome must be code 3.

Outcome grade data is not returned.


Recording new aims after a transfer within the same provider.

Learning start date is the date on which the learner starts the new learning aim.

Original learning start date data is not returned.

Learning planned end date is recorded as the new assessed planned end date for the new aim.

Return Funding adjustment for prior learning if applicable.

Restart indicator (FAM) data is not returned.



Judy McConnel

Thanks Martin.

He's completed all his learning on the legacy qualification we have received 100% funding for that aim. I presume we would adjust the funding for the new aim to draw down £0 as he can't be funded twice for the same qualification? 


Martin West

That's correct.