Karen White

Dlock errors and not receiving funding


Hi please help me

We have not received all of our funding for over two months now. I have had this investigated by ESFA twice now. Yesterday i received an email to say there were two Dlocks 7 and 9 - which can't be correct as i have checked our ILR and the apprenticeship service site - all information seems correct. 

These errors are not showing in reports either. I have spent weeks on line chats trying to resolve the issue of why we are not receiving our full funding - i can't speak to anyone in the technical team - but receive inaccurate emails from them

i am at my wits end now. 


Any ideas of how to resolve this?


thanks Karen 


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Please help with this, we are getting Dlock 10 as employer has stopped


Martin West

You will need to explain what has gone on as the start date have changed from Mar 2021 to Sep 2021?

We now have two posts with the same name this is not good.


The learner started in March 2021 with one organisation and later moved to another organisation in September 2021. Employer started and mistakenly stopped and then restarted the learner on DAS. 

Martin West

Did the change apply within 30 days (changes made on original ILR record or was this a withdrawal and then a restart? will also need to know the dates and what TNP records were included and what dates applied and the last date funding was received.


Hello, Can someone please help, I have prospective learners who live in England. They work for the organisation whose headquarters are in Northern Ireland, they are paid by the branch in Northern Ireland, the employer would like us to training them. Being that Northern Ireland is outside England hence not under ESFA, is there a solution to this?

Martin West

All employers in the UK are subject to the Apprenticeship levy as a Tax but it is not the employer who needs to be eligible it is the Apprentice as per the following from the funding rules.

P68.7 Spend at least 50% of their working hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship. When determining eligibility at the start of the apprenticeship, you must be confident that the apprentice will spend at least 50% of their working hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship. For working hours to be counted in the 50% limit, they must be regular, planned, and known at the start of the apprenticeship. Refer to Annex A (paragraph P410) for exceptions to this rule.



Hi Martin

Thank you very much for the response. The employees live in London and work for the branch in London however their wages are paid through the North Ireland branch. Can they still be enrolled under ESFA? apologies for asking too much, just want to make an informed decision.

Martin West

If it is a UK employer, and the Apprentices works in England for more than 50% of the time then they can be funded from DAS either from the Levy or ESFA if non levy.


Thank you very much Martin