David Platts

Creating Paperwork - Software suggestions


Good Afternoon All,

Facing the ongoing task of updating/creating paperwork for the coming year and wrestling with tables in Microsoft Word I wanted to reach out to colleagues in the sector to see if anyone could suggest alternative software that might make this Sisyphean task sligthly easier. I have used SmartDraw previously but they have withdrawn their desktop application and I am loath to use an online form builder as they all seem geared towards basic enquiry forms for websites.


Any suggestions most welcome


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Sadly no suggestions to offer David, but I feel your pain as I have been doing the very same thing since Monday !  Not sure that helps, but good to know you are not alone. 

Ray Davies

We use the form creator within SmartAssessor which is really a HTML form generator. It's not ideal but it integrates with our other digital process and allows output as csv (for the data) and pdf if an image is needed.