Adam Kolaszynski

Co-Investment after change of employer - TNP 1 or 3?


Quick question regarding co-investment.


Employer 1 is paying 5% of TNP 1 - £22,000 for Apprentice = £1,100 total. The apprentice changes employer, new Employer 2 TNP 3 = £15,155.

Does the new employer continue paying 5% of the original TNP 1 price (22k) or 5% of the new TNP 3 price (15.155k)? 

Many thanks! 


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Matt Wood

The new employer pays 5% of their agreed price only. So the new TNP3 value.

Adam Kolaszynski

Thank you Matt Wood, that's what I thought. Appreciate your help! 

Martin West

You must record a new price record on the programme aim; this price must reflect the cost of the remaining amount of the programme to be delivered with the new employer. This residual cost must be recording using AFinCode = 3 for training and AFinCode = 4 for assessment, as applicable.

If the new employer is non-levy then they will co-invest at 5% of the residual price.

Adam Kolaszynski

Thank you Martin West, very helpful as always! Much appreciated.