Sarah Potts

LearnAimRef_92 - Learning aim expired



Can anyone offer some advice we have an apprentice who was on a framework whilst studying had a BIL and has now returned and completed her full framework. However the diploma has expired for certification despite this due to her BIL the awarding body have agreed to certification for her diploma, however our MIS system keeps kicking it out as an error as the aim has expired. 


How can I get round this, advice is to transfer to the new aim but she was completed on the existing aim which had only just expired??



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Martyn Wright


Does anybody know the difference between LearnAimRef_92 and LearnAimRef_89? The error description "The Learning aim reference is not valid in the LARS database for this Funding model for this teaching year" is the same.

I had some LearnAimRef_89 errors which disappeared last week. However, I still have some LearnAimRef_92 errors. I checked the ESFA errors reference document and this error is not listed.