Judy McConnel

FRM 06



I have one learner on my FRM 06 report for two Functional Skills - the report shows completion status 1 but on our MIS the learner has completed and achieved both quals. Anyone had this before or know how to clear it? 



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Martin West

Check all the aim details (start date, aim ref) on R14 2019/20 are the same in the 2020/21 ILR

Ben James

I'd check everything as Martin has suggested in case it's something odd like the aim refs have been incorrectly overwritten because the learner changed qual, however by the sounds of it the aim(s) were reported as live/continuing at R14, but potentially shouldn't have been. I imagine what has happened is their termination dates are probably in the old contract, but weren't actually processed until after R14 because of a delay of some kind? If so, this will be the reason for the error.