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Devolved Administration Apprenticeships P68.7.1


In the Apprenticeship funding rules for main providers August 2021 to July 2022 in paragraph P68.7.1 its states the following:

P68.7.1 You must make separate arrangements with the relevant devolved administration if you are planning to deliver apprenticeships to individuals who spend more than 50% of their working hours in a devolved administration over the duration of their apprenticeship, including time spent on off-the-job training.

Does anyone think they have made a mistake saying Devolved Administration as that relates to AEB and not Apprenticeships? Or do they mean areas other than England?


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Hahaha, it means Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, not the MCAs!

I think the usual phrase these days is "the other Nations of the United Kingdom" rather than "devolved administrations"...

Peter Keating

Thank you Steve