Dan Hodgetts

Provider & Employer SLA/Contract/Agreement


Can anyone point me in the direction of, or is willing to share a template Contract they use between them as a Training Provider and an SME Employer (which includes TNP breakdown etc)

I have a version but it is I believe an old AELP one which is ~100 pages long and is filled with legal terms and conditions that I'm convinced is way too over the top for an SME Employer who is taking on 1 or 2 apprentices.

Any help or support would be appreciated


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Helen Cuthbert

we use the uvac template as a basis but its only an option if you are a member of uvac. 

Not sure if you are a HEI or not. Its about 30pages but it is compliant. 

Ray Davies

Ours is shorter, woefully out of date but seems to pass muster somehow