Nicola Lowther

Nursing Associate - Integrated EPA


We currently have 5 cohorts of Nursing Associate apprentices that will be using the integrated EPA within the standard. How would I enter this with the TNP amounts into the ILR? Especially if there will not be a cost to the "EPA" part?


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Helen Cuthbert

Surely you have costs to administing EPA? E.g assessment board, External Examiners, gateway meetings etc that will all contribute to a costing? especially as the training provider and the independence aspect i would expect some low costs to still be applicable? 

You need to look at the eligible and ineligible costs on the conditions for being EPAO pages - 

This will guide you.

Gill Knight

Hi Nicola

My understanding is that you will need to register as an EPAO for the NA programme, cost out the EPA and that goes in TNP2.

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