Melanie Aspinall

Subsidy Control


The apprenticeship funding rules for 21/22  has a new section on Subsidy Control (which in my head has replaced the de minimis state aid option - please feel free to tell me otherwise).

For our very small employers, we used to have a state aid declaration form that we got from the gov uk website. Is anyone aware of a subsidy control form in place? If so, could you please share the link and if not, what are you using instead to monitor subsidy control for micro employers employing a 16-18 year old or for the transfer of funds? Any help greatly appreciated.



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Emma Ford

Hi Melanie,

We are just in the process of going through the clarification version of the 21-22 funding rules but so far have been unable to find a template / example of a new Subsidy Control Declaration Form for the waiving of Employer Co-Investment (on the website or elsewhere). 

Is this something the ESFA normally produce as we don’t recall ever being provided with one for state aid either, we just used our own, taking guidance from other sources.

If anybody could please advise if there is a standard template or an example of this form available for providers to use we would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks


Simon Liversedge

I have searched high and low and unable to find one so following in the hope that anyone can direct me. 

Melanie Aspinall

On yesterday's ESFA funding rules webinar, I raised the question and they said they are looking into creating a template. The webinar should be on YouTube by the end of the week but as part of the Q&A, they definitely addressed it.

Simon Liversedge

Thanks Melanie, I ducked out early for lunch assuming they were not taking questions so missed that bit :-)

Emma Ford

Hi Simon / Melanie,

I was also on the ESFA funding rules webinar yesterday and asked the same question, they did suggest that this is something they may look into and may incorporate an update in V1 of the rules (to be release at the end of the month).  Hopefully we’ll receive some further clarification then.


Jim Thomas

Hi all

I'm looking at the V1 rules update (2021-07-28_-_2122_Provider_Rules_Version_Version_1.pdf ( and I'm not sure when this will become relevant.

Although P270 says transfers are included, P269 refers to Complying with the UK’s international obligations on subsidy control: guidance for public authorities - GOV.UK (, which in turn takes you to Guidance on the UK’s international subsidy control commitments - GOV.UK (

Step 1 here defines a subsidy as ALL 3 OF: given by a public authority; conferring an advantage that is not available on market terms; and affects international trade. 

Even where the sending employer is a public body (local or central govt), funding 5% of an apprenticeship isn't really going to affect international trade, and even where it could be argued (sales apprentice for export company etc), the levy transfer scheme itself means that the advantage is available on market terms.

What am I missing? We're going to make sure we've got the necessary declarations etc but I'm not sure this will ever have any effect.



Wendy Blackburn

Just wondering if there has been any update on the template and if not what people are using in the interim?


Andrew Barnard

I created our own form for now, basically an employer declaration form asking them to declare any subsidies they have received in the last 3 years

Simon Liversedge

Hi just an update on this thread.  I emailed the service desk back in Aug and chased them up on it this week, they said they do not have a form and we are free to create our own. 

Reading some of the comments I wonder if we need one though?