Apprenticeship Service Engagement

Apprenticeship data and employer incentive payments


Providers: Did you know that if your apprentice data isn’t recorded correctly then you could be preventing employers from receiving their incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice?

Please ensure that you are recording all learners on the apprenticeship service as Apprenticeship Contact Type (ACT)1 within the ILR. If a learner is listed as ACT2, then this will not be paid through the apprenticeship service and the employer will not receive their incentive payment.

Also please resolve any Data Locks on your account and ensure that the data in your ILR matches that in the apprenticeship service. If the information is different and you have an active Data Lock, then payments will not be made to yourself for training delivered, or the employer for their incentive.

If you need help with regards to resolving Data Locks, please use our Data mismatch errors knowledge article, or contact us on 0800 0150 600 (option 1 then option 2) and/or email us on


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