Sarah Wartnaby

ESFA audit Checklist


Good Afternoon All, 

I am looking to see if there is an ESFA audit checklist In circulation currently? 

I am trying to use the PDSAT Sampler as I believe it has something similar built in but I cant get it to work. FIS wont find a SQL server when export to SQL is selected, which is then preventing me from using the FIS import function with the PDSAT.  I am really interested in using the sampler but any fixes we have tried to implement has not work. So instead I am looking to see if anyone knows of any ESFA audit checklists held else where.

Many Thanks and Happy Friday



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Martin West

From the DSAT Audit working papers:!AgpU5HnvFLX2he1tlc0Ow0B2sQAVEA?e=XgVuWu


Jessica De Melo

Will there be a new version of this checklist for the 21/22 rules?

Martin West

The working papers for the current year are added sometime after R04 normally depending on changes made to the funding rules.

Sarah Wartnaby

Fantastic Martin, thank you for sharing the file.

Donna Pritchard


I have the same problem as Sarah, above, with regards to not finding an SQL server.  Does anyone know how to solve this?

Martin West

In PDSAT Go to settings and select SQL Settings, you may need to install the LocalDB.

Erica Phelpstead

Is there a 21_22 version of the working papers? google is letting me down!

Martin West

If you go to the sampler tab in PDSAT this will produce your sample and the working papers for 2021/22.

Erica Phelpstead

okay thanks Martin i am literally going through that now (or trying too) thanks as always!