Kelly Knights



This is probably a very basic question. I'm trying to find out if all Apprenticeship providers have to be on ROTAP or whether it works like how ROTO used where if you have contracts under £100k its not required. Have looked in the apps rules and I cant see anything that answers this question (other than supporting providers not exceeding £500k)

We have a provider we're about to take on a subcontractor, they will only be delivering part of the standard for each apprentice. They have applied to ROTAP but have not had a decision.


Thanks - Kelly.


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Martin West

Must be on the register.

Debbie Simpson

What happens if a subcontractor falls off the register before the end of the term of the contract but does not inform main provider, and this is only picked up at contract review point several months later? Does the main provider need to redeliver all the training the subcontractor covered? 

Martin West

Best ask the ESFA but your continuity plan should indicate how you support apprentices if you can no longer deliver training and ensure ongoing access to apprentices’ learning resources and portfolios.

Debbie Simpson

Thank you Martin for your quick reply. I'm afraid I wasn't clear as to the question. As main provider we subcontracted part of the practical to a client, also a provider, for their cohort of apprentices only. Essentially they were delivering specific aspects of the standards to their own apprentices and we discounted to them for this provision via subcontract agreement. The subcontract is now up for review and we have discovered that they have not been an approved provider for over a year, but forgot to let us know. 

Do we need to redeliver their part of the curriculum as their delivery was in effect not approved and the contract was void - although we didn't realise it at the time? We are happy that their delivery was appropriate and of good quality.


Thank you.

Kelly Knights

Hi Debbie


all subs have to be on ROTAP thats clear as mud in the rules. 


I cant say what approach an auditor would take when this comes to light, they could recover back the funding as could be deemed as a breach of the Subcontracting rules.


Do you not have your own auditor you can run this by? Maybe the company that will complete your annual Subcontracting controls audit?


Martin West

As you may be in breach of your contract agreement with the ESFA I would take this up with the ESFA.