Lisa Margach

Capped Funding


Hi All,

I hope someone can help, on checking my monthly reports, I noticed there were some learners where it indicated we where not getting the full funding we had claimed for the learners, and it said that we need to get additional payment from the employer to cover the difference of £500, and our funding had been capped by £500 also.

Through our recruitment process the learner did not let us know that they had done any training previously that would impact the training with us.  I queried this with the ESFA to find out why we had been reduced as the PLR did not indicate anything either.  They replied by saying that another provider had claimed funding previously for them, which is why we had been reduced, and apart from speaking to the learner and other provider there was no other way to check this (but we didn't know they had done anything previously so I don't know how we could know this).

Has anyone else come across something similar before?  If so what have you done about this, did you do a full backtrack and get details (since I now know who the other provider is).  Or would you just reduce the funding and do a statement to explain, including details of the learners skills scan and assessment where they have declared the skills they have which we have then based our judgement on full funding.  

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Martin West

I think most providers have experienced this issue and it will require an examination of your enrolment, initial assessment, and recognition of prior learning process to understand why this was not identified. In the event the nondisclosure was down to the Apprentice/employer then they will understand why the employer is now required to co-invest towards the cost of training.

In any event you will have to repeat whatever part of the process was recorded incorrectly and reflect this in the start paperwork, ILR and DAS costing.