Apprenticeship Service Engagement

File Upload - specification release (1 of 2)


The Apprenticeship Service (AS) will be making several changes to the process by which an apprentice is added to the service. These include the update to choosing a specific version of a standard and the introduction of an apprentices own individual account on AS. In addition, AS will be introducing new functionality to accommodate a broader set of users for the file upload functionality for providers.

These changes require an update to the file upload (bulk upload) format. We issued a technical specification spec in June to cover all changes for 2021 to avoid LMS software providers having to change systems multiple times. The file change will be implemented in late August, with the changes in file upload functionality coming later.

The revised file specifications are:

      Apprenticeship service - Apprentice bulk upload specification for training providers version 4: effective 26 August 2021

      Apprenticeship service - Apprentice bulk upload sample file version 3: effective 26 August 2021


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