Sue Solomons

Funding Rules: Aug 21-Jul 22 - EP98.1 clarification


EP98.1 clarification states EPA costs must not be in TNP1 on the ILR.

I've always put this in TNP2, however, when costing an Apprenticeship I have deducted the cost of EPA from the max funding band (if applicable) and put that cost in TNP2. 

e.g. TNP1 £3600 for the delivery of the apprenticeship, TNP2 £900 the cost of the EPA, totalling the max funding band of £4500, is that still correct?


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Martin West

It means TNP 1 must not include the cost of the EPA.

Ben James

What you've suggested sounds fine, assuming all parties have agreed those costs. Strictly speaking you're not meant to just use the funding band maximum as a starting point, rather the cost of delivery should be negotiated UP to that point.. but in reality a lot of providers do charge top whack, and then just deduct the EPA cost (adding as TNP2) once it's known.