Steven H

FIS - Export to SQL Connection String (PDSAT)


Hi All,  I am installing PDSAT and trying to connect to the FIS on a new laptop.  I am trying to 'Import FIS'. 

In FIS 20/21 v 10.1 I am trying to use the following connection String, 

Data Source=CMD********\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=ILR2021;Integrated Security=True

This is what I used previously with success. Now it will not work and in FIS when I 'Test Connection' I get an error, "Unable to connect to the chosen server with specified server and user details. CAny anyone point me in the right direction.




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Yeah, I had a bit of faffing around with this.

In the settings > SQL settings box, I've just got (localdb)\v11.0 (which "connects") but then when I click Import FIS, then I've got the top switch to "Use FIS Connection String" and then the same string you've got above in the box there.

Steven H

Hi Steve.  Its when i try to add that string in FIS. I get that mentioned error. 


AHA! yes, they've changed that bit, just put in [pc name]/SQLEXPRESS not the rest of the string.

Steven H

Ha i got excited there Steve, I tried;

Data Source=[pc name]/SQLEXPRESS

Data Source=pc name/SQLEXPRESS

[pc name]/SQLEXPRESS


I've checked it is SQLEXPRESS and am using the correct PC name. It has aged me this today lol.. 


Sorry, my bad (was doing it from memory, rather than checking!), I got my slash the wrong way round!!!!

it's pc name\SQLEXPRESS

Steven H

Sorry accepted haha.. All good. Not sure why i didn't try that one myself. 


Appreciate the help. S