Melissa Haase

National Skills Fund


Just a query on the National Skills Fund and the application information released today on applying for the funding if we didn't get it this academic year.

All the qualifications are currently down as last date for new starts 31/07/2021, does anybody know or have any inkling that they will be extended? Especially given the fact that we can apply for new funding next year!

Also for learners 19-23, is it the case that we can use our current Adult Skills funding line to fund these learners? I had read conflicting information before that said the qualification had to be part of both the legal entitlement and National Skills Fund list, but the rules say that we can fund 'as we always would have done'...but we wouldn't have funded a qualification before that wasn't a legal entitlement.


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Kelly Knights

Yes as long as its eligible then you can fund them for their first L3 under the 19-23 legal entitlement route. Not sure on the list of quals. Hopefully find a learning aim will be updated or a new list is provided by the ESFA