Zaheer Patel



Hoping to catch someone who uses PICS for QAR purposes!

We have just processed a learner who had an expected end date of 06/09/2021 but actually achieved early on 29/06/2021.

The QAR report that PICS is generating shows the learner as an achiever in 2021/22 and not in 2020/21 as it should.


Any help appreciated.


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Pellcomp Support

Hi, Zaheer,

This is known as the Hybrid End Year. The year in which the learner is counted for the purposes of Achievement Rates is based on the later of the following:

  • achievement year (for apprenticeship standards on funding model 36 only)
  • planned end year of the learning aim
  • actual end year of the learning aim
  • reporting year

In the example given, the planned end year is the later, so this is the year in which the learner is included.

I appreciate that may not seem logical for an earlier achiever, but the Achievement Rates have a very well-defined specification that we have to follow. The following link will give you a good overview of the rules...

Hope that helps.




And, as an independent voice, I agree that Pellcomp are doing this correctly, as weird as it seems.