Karen Fone

50% Working hours in England


This is a question I have raised with the service desk, and am so far awaiting a response - so I thought i would through out to the wider audience and seek your opinion......

The funding rules state  with regards to spending at least 50% of the apprentices working hours::


The question we have been asked several times is:

If an apprentice is not required to physically go to the employer address in England (for augments sake in London) for 50% of their working hours, but is working from home for the employer, does this matter where the apprentice is located? (this is not COVID-19 related, general working pattern).

Example: So an apprentice who is sat at home in Bristol is eligible - as more than 50% of their working hours are in England, however if an apprentice doing exactly the same job, for the same employer is sat at home in Cardiff, is this apprentice eligible or ineligible based on the funding rules?

Anyone able to help??



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Martin West

They must spend at least 50% of time at their workplace in England to be eligible, if their workplace is from home this must be in England.

Karen Fone

Hi Martin,

That is the way i read it too, but I do not understand why it makes a difference as to where the apprentice would be 'sitting' to do the same job for the same company?

Why does the individual have to physically sitting at a desk in England to be eligible, or could be doing exactly the same job for the same company but sitting at a desk in another house across the road and be in Wales and be ineligible?

These are the types of questions I am asked from employers, and want to be able to answer the questions.



Yes, sadly, the answer is "because that's the rule". Education policy and funding is devolved, so they are Welsh and the Welsh government have to support them.

Martin West


Even though al UK employers are liable to pay the Apprenticeship levy an English Apprenticeship is only funded where the Apprentice spends at least 50% of their working hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship.

It is the Apprentices workplace and not the Employers location.