Clair Ayling

OTJ with new employer & increased hours


Need to get my head around this so I have two more scenarios!

1. An apprentice moves to a new employer with increased hours.

First employer, minimum hours calculated on 30 hours to be say 557 hours, they get halfway through the programme and change employer after logging 200 hours

New employer, minimum hours calculated on 40 hours for remainder to be say 371 hours. 

We leave the Planned Hours on ILR at 557 but what do we record on the commitment statement for the new employer?

a) 371

b) 371 plus the shortfall from the first employer (i.e. 557/2=278-200=78) 371+78=449

c) original planned hours 557 less actual hours with first employer i.e 557-200=357

Other than c) all will result in more than Planned Hours being delivered of course but only b) would be 20% of all contracted hours....

Any help appreciated, would be really good to have OTJ nailed!



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Martin West

To catch up on the OTJ hours for the whole programme I would record on the paperwork (AA and CS) the difference between the original OTJ hours recorded on the ILR and the shortfall, you can always use the employer declaration if the total ILR OTJ hours are not achieved on early completion.

You do not change the ILR OTJ as the planned end date will remain the same even though the hours with the new employer have increased.