Peter Keating

Apprenticeships - BIL - COVID


We have a number of Apprentices that are on Break In Learning due to Covid either closing the business during this period or priority was work over Apprenticeship. Have a couple of questions:

1) Do we need to code these learners differently because it is COVID that has caused them to go on the Break In Learning?

2) Its inevitable/highly likely that they are not going to comeback so they will be withdrawals. Again is there a code for this and will we be penalised in the QAR for these through no fault of our own?


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1. No? They were toying with it for a bit, but we never quite got there. It's not impossible we might get a code in the new employment status OET code (where we have to record redundancies from 1 August), but nothing currently...

2. Nope, it's the same as any other w/d. I guess the only "bright side" is everyone is going to be hit...

Peter Keating

Thank you Steve


Gill Knight


I thought COVID related BILs had a code of LDM_368 submitted? Or has that now stopped?


Hi Gill

Does it work for aims that started before 21 March? I know it was a bit weird when they first added it...

Certainly nothing in the QAR rules that says they will be excluded this year though...