Jim Thomas

Employer change whilst on break


We have a learner who is currently on a break in learning but moving to a new employer, who is happy to support completing the apprenticeship. However, the learner wishes to bed in at the company before resuming the course. 

How can we fit this in around the 30-day requirement? Can we just update the employer details, whilst the learner is still on a break, and then resume the apprenticeship beyond the 30-day period? The employer transition itself was within the 30 days but no learning has taken place around this (BIL was since last year as previous employer is in the travel sector, so all learning was shut down due to Covid).



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Paul Taylor

Hi Jim, 

Assuming the apprentice is likely to be restarting in 21/22, have you looked at P341 onwards in the Apprenticeship funding rules for main providers August 2021 to July 2022?

You will likely also have to action updates in the AS with EMP1 Stop month, EMP2 grant you permission to create a cohort, go into the apprentice record, select change employer & add start month, TNP for revised pricing and planned end month.

2122_Provider_Rules_Version_Clarification_Version_v1.0_.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)

Thanks, Paul