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Degree Query


Hi All

I hope someone can help, we have a learner who is 11 months through their apprenticeship but is looking to start a part time degree, although they were eligible at the start of the programme, does this mean that the eligibility continues for the whole programme?  I know P89.3 says that they cannot be in receipt of other direct funding during their apprenticeship programme, but I wasn't sure if this would still be the case as they had already started their apprenticeship with us before looking to do the degree?

If they are not able to continue, how can we complete the apprenticeship with them?

Any advice/guidance is appreciated.

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Helen Cuthbert

Short and straightforward answer is no... 

the longer answer is they would have to privately fund the whole thing as they can't be receipt of SFE funding (student loans) and Apprenticeship funding at the same time and even then its not completely clear they can as normally you can't be registered on two programmes at once. Also where are they going to get the time to do the part-time degree? 

I would be asking if they are doing the apprenticeship is the degree same level or similar field? Is the degree more appriorate for them, why do they need to do it now could it not be their progression route following the completion of their apprenticeships? Do they have the quals to get onto the degree? How does there employer feel about this?

Does this help? 

Lisa Margach

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your advice on this, the intention was for the person to continue with their apprenticeship whilst doing a part time degree.  Depending which route the learner wants to go down, I presume we could look to complete the apprenticeship unfunded if they want to do the degree at the same time?

Many Thanks

Helen Cuthbert

unfortunately i dont think they can, Martin West or Steveh might be able to advise more....

Martin West

See the following from the Apprenticeship funding rules:

P79 To use funds in the employer’s apprenticeship service account or government-employer co-investment, the individual must not:

P79.3 be in receipt of any other direct DfE funding during their apprenticeship programme; this includes any other DfE funded FE / HE programme including programmes funded by a student loan, but excludes funding outlined in P79.2; or

P79.4 undertake any part of an apprenticeship whilst on a sandwich placement as part of a degree programme.

Best wait until they have completed the Apprenticeship.