Nicholas Catterall

transfer of apprentices


We have a number of apprentices transferring the programme from their current provider to us. They are continuing on the same programme and we have agreed a price based on progress to date. 

Can I ask how others collect evidence of the initial provider having ensured the 20% off the job was adequately delivered/recorded please?


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Ruth Canham-James

We don't. We just make sure we've done the 20% OTJ for the duration they're with us. We can't be accountable for what the first provider did. Is there any guidance that suggests we should?

Nicholas Catterall

Thank you. 

No, not that I know of, I just wanted to be sure we were asking the right questions.


Jessica Sanderson

During an ESFA audit we were asked to collect evidence from the employer of payment - if not available then they have to pay again. If they have proof then I believe the ESFA can supply an LDM code to overwrite the ILR. If this isn't done then it may effect your completion payment and/or failure of EPA.