Emma Ford

Apprentice has become unemployed during their Break in Learning


Hi all,

Can anybody advise what process should be followed when an Apprentice becomes unemployed whilst on a break in learning…the Apprentice has
not been made redundant but has simply been dismissed by their employer three months into their break.

In this scenario, are we to follow the Apprenticeship funding rules for main providers in the usual way when it comes to unemployment and withdraw this apprentice from the training programme (using their last date of employment as the leave date or the date the break in learning commenced), or can the Apprentice remain on a break in learning whilst a new employer is found?

We have referred to various guidance documents but cannot seem to find an answer.

Many thanks



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Martin West

The funding rules cannot cover all the combinations of circumstances that may apply especially when other rules change.

As a general principle where the Apprenticeship Agreement has ended then the Apprentice is deemed to have withdrawn excepting in the case of redundancy, as this does not apply in this case the BIL should be changed to a withdrawal as at the original BIL date.  The last date of employment is only used when an Apprentice changes employer within 30 days.


Ben James

This thread discussed what to do if a learner changes employer during a break as people weren't 100% sure, and the service desk advised that you'd still need to withdraw them even if you knew there was a new employer. Based on this, I'd suggest you probably need to do the same. 

Emma Ford

Morning Ben / Martin,

Thank you for your replies, we are going to have to withdraw this learner unfortunately as they have not been able to secure further employment at this time due to the nature of their break.  We are not even sure at this stage when they plan to return to the training programme.

I did email Apprenticeship Service Support prior to posting here for confirmation on the correct process to follow but they have so far failed to get back to me.