Paul Dodd

Incentives for new hire


Hi all I've received some promotional material from another provider effectively asking their employers that if they have taken on new staff since the 1st April, these staff could be moved onto an apprenticeship and the £3000 claimed? We have approached the spirit of the Government incentives differently and viewed them as an encouragement for taking on new apprentices, not upskilling existing staff? 


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Martin West

The requirement is for each apprentice they take on as a new employee between 1 April and 30 September 2021.

As you say it is for a new employee (Apprentice) and your approach is correct.

Lyn Joyce

Hi Martin 

We have a number of apprentices who have previously started there apprenticeship with another employer/provider  before COVID, since left and started with a new employer in July21, as there are a new employee to that business am I right in saying they are eligible for the hiring an an apprentice incentive




Martin West

No, Applies to new Apprentices:

You can apply for apprentices who:

work full or part-time

are on zero hours contracts

have been made redundant by a previous employer, as long as the previous employer has not received an incentive payment for the same apprentice

If they are not included in the above then they are not eligible for the incentive