Tiffany Hurst

Learner Pausing Student Loan to Undertake Apprenticeship


We have a new learner who has declared at the onboarding stage that they are undertaking a degree that she has funded via a student loan, she has one more year to complete which she has paused in order to complete her apprenticeship as it it is more relevant to her work role currently. What sort of evidence do we need to hold to show she is not drawing her student loan and is only funded via levy for the apprenticeship.  Is a student loan and levy funding classed as double funding?  Helpdesk and Student Loans company can't tell me what I need.



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Always delighted by new ways to break the system ;) So, yes, a student loan, because it's "DfE funding", counts for double funding purposes. Haven't come across this particular circumstance before though.

I'm guessing she'll have some sort of paperwork/email chain discussing suspending her studies with her HE provider? Would feel like something along those lines would be decent evidence?

Jenny Johnson

Hi there, we have a potential apprentice start but is just completing her Masters qual. What would be the end date for the degree - last exam or graduation date? Her new employer wants to enrol her before the incentive runs out but we are unsure of her degree end date.


Last exam I'd have thought? Just like it would be for an FE classroom qual? Only possible complication would be if she failed and had to resit!

Jenny Johnson

Thanks Steve - we will go with her last exam date. 

Caroline Grayson


We have the same situation as this - a learner enrolled on a distance learning degree funded through a student loan that want's to defer the degree programme in order to undertake an apprenticeship. From the responses I am assuming that this can be done as long as there is clear evidence that the learner has suspended their degree programme and is not receiving their student loan? Can you confirm that I have understood that correctly? I want to ensure that the learner would definitely be eligible for funding before we move forward and enrol them onto an apprenticeship programme