Nadine Baister

Change of employer and hours



I'd appreciate some clarity on how I should deal with the following situation. 

  • Apprentice is on a 36-month degree apprenticeship. 
  • OTJ hours calculated at 1500 hours (working 37 hpw)
  • 24 months in, they go on a BIL. 
  • 6 months later they return and tell you they've just found another employer and are moving with immediate effect - but weekly hours are now 27hpw. 

I know we keep the OTJ hours the same (and that's fine as they'll exceed this anyway) - but do we need to extend the time left on the programme to accommodate the 10hpw reduction? Or, because the programme is way over the minimum 12-month duration, can we keep it as 1500 OTJ hours and 12 months left to do?



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OK, I wouldn't extend the duration in this case because *on average, over the course of the whole thing* she'll still be over 30 hours a week (37 hrs for 2 years, 27 for her last year is ~33hrs/week on average) and if she's still going to hit the 1500ish OTJ I reckon you're all grand.

Just to point out that duration is based on *usual* length, not minimum length though, so if, to give an extreme example, someone signed up to the three year course who was only working 20 hours a week, they'd have to have a duration of four and a half years.