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Onboarding apprentices – updates coming soon


Morning all

I have had a couple large employers ask me about the New Onboarding Apprentices  - Confirm my apprenticeship details service.  A couple of Employers have asked if I can find out what is the benefit/thinking behind this and what added value will it give?  A large employer said that they want to be exempt from this as they think apprentices have a lot to do when on onboarding and they don't see the benefit.

Would anyone know more about this new service and when its likley to be live?  Details about the new service were in the ESFA Update:-

New apprentices added to your account will receive an email, asking them to create an account for the new ‘Confirm my apprenticeship details’ service, where they will be able to review and confirm the details of their apprenticeship. Apprentices will be able to refer back to these details during their apprenticeship and also access guidance on what is expected of them, their provider and you as their employer.

If apprentices do not confirm their details or access the guidance, this will not impact them starting their apprenticeship or funding being received by your provider. As part of onboarding your apprentices, you should encourage them to complete this task, as it will help to make their apprenticeship a quality experience.  You should now begin collecting a unique email address for each of your future apprentices, ready for the launch of this service.


This is all I could share with employers, any further information or your thoughts would be helpful.

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Helen Cuthbert

Hi Jo 

ESFA posted this yesterday 

It doesn't give loads more info but does show that we will be floored adding to DAS without emails soon... 

Maybe we can live in hope we will get more info in todays ESFA update? 

Jo Phillips

Hi Helen


Yes I saw the post yesterday after I'd asked the question.


Thanks for your response :)




Helen Cuthbert

though as per usual we are left trying to figure out and answer questions we don't have answers too! 

Good luck :) 


Yes, oddly, it seems to have been added with little consultation or explanation (not even an ESFA Digital blog, where they often talk about changes to the service).

As I was saying on twitter yesterday, someone who was conspiracy-minded might see this as another step towards DAS being the only place App data exists, particularly if they get this online Commitment Statement up and running. Fine if you're a provider with 40 Apps who is only using the Learner Entry Tool, less good if you're a big provider who has invested a lot of time and money in your student record systems...


The only "good thing" at the moment is it doesn't have to be done at onboarding. As long as you're collecting an email when they start (and one would assume that covers 99% of Apps?), the learners can do the confirmation bit at their leisure (for now) without it affecting our ability to Get Funded.

Apprenticeship Service Engagement

The collection of an e-mail address will support us to improve the apprentice experience, and forms part of wider service improvements currently being developed. The apprentice will receive an invitation to set-up an account but this is not mandatory and will not affect their ability to access their apprenticeship. The collection of the e-mail address can be done by the employer or training provider, and is also being made available through an updated bulk upload tool for providers that will be released at the same time.


Thanks for the response, I think it would be really useful if AS could set out what these improvements are likely to be and the timescale for their implementation, not least so we can feed this back to employers and help you get buy in.

I'm not aware of this being a workflow on the last version of AS improvements we had?

Apprenticeship Service Engagement

Following feedback from training providers during our “Confirm My Apprenticeship Details” testing, we have decided to extend the test period until week commencing 06 September 2021.

The launch of Confirm My Apprenticeship Details will therefore take place in early September 2021.

As a result, you will not need to add apprentice email addresses to the apprenticeship service when adding apprentice records until this time.

We will keep you updated about the new timeline in the coming days.