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Apprentice email addresses required from 26 August


New account action coming to the apprenticeship service

From 26 August 2021, you must add a unique email address when adding an apprentice record to the apprenticeship service. 

Without a unique apprentice email address, you will not be able to save or approve the apprentice record, so funding cannot be allocated.

Once the email address is added to the account, the apprentice will receive an email invitation to create a 'My apprenticeship' account. 

What is a 'My apprenticeship' account? 

'My apprenticeship' accounts are a new service that will improve the onboarding process for apprentices. 

An account will allow apprentices to: 

  • confirm their apprenticeship details are correct as the apprenticeship starts
  • access guidance on what is expected of them, their training provider and their employer 
  • access additional support 
  • access and review their apprenticeship details throughout the apprenticeship

It will not impact the apprentice's start date or your apprenticeship funding if the apprentice does not create an account or confirm their apprenticeship details.

However, you should encourage apprentices to complete these tasks to ensure a quality apprenticeship experience.

What you need to do

You need to collect a unique email address for each apprentice you will be adding to the apprenticeship service from 26 August 2021.


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Apprenticeship Service Engagement

Following feedback from training providers during our “Confirm My Apprenticeship Details” testing, we have decided to extend the test period until week commencing 06 September 2021.

The launch of Confirm My Apprenticeship Details will therefore take place in early September 2021.

As a result, you will not need to add apprentice email addresses to the apprenticeship service when adding apprentice records until this time.

We will keep you updated about the new timeline in the coming days.

Christina Marfleet

Good morning 

Please could you advise on the order of service as we have had a learner receive this warning, for clarity the learner hasn't been included in an upload return as yet, but will be included in the R02 return