Alison Brierley

apprenticeship whilst teacher training


Hi All

We have a learner who started an Apprenticeship in Oct 2020. They are on track if not a little ahead to complete however they are about to do there teacher training.


Would they be able to continue with the apprenticeship whilst they start there teacher training.

 I am struggling to find clear guidance.




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Martin West

You have to ask how the teacher training is to be funded as this may make the Apprenticeship ineligible for funding.

P68.5 Not benefit from funding from an employer’s apprenticeship service account or government-employer co-investment for any part of their programme where either you or another party claim funding from another government department or agency for the same purpose. This includes any funding for that individual from the European Social Fund, the Education and Skills Funding Agency or Jobcentre Plus.

P68.6 Not benefit from funding for any part of their programme that duplicates training or assessment they have received from any other source.