Simon Liversedge

Recruitment agency/ATA


Hi do you have to be on the register of ATA's or apply to the new flexi job register if you are a recruitment agency, employing apprentices and then sending them to other employers to work?

The recruitment agency would employ the apprentice, pay the wages, give them a contract and sign app agreement and commitment statement. They would then send to another employer for a fee. The training would be delivered by an external provider and the recruitment agency would be on DAS and send funds via their account to the provider. 

This sounds like an ATA to me but if they are not on the register can this still operate? 



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Gary Petley

We are in the same boat, and both registers are currently closed. Did you get an answer?


Simon Liversedge

I didn't Gary. Its one of my emails that I keep getting updates to say they are working on it but never get an answer!

Please let me know if you get anywhere with it. 

Gary Petley

The funding rules explain what an ATA is, but does not say you must be one to deliver like that? So you just miss out the LDM = 130 code. The Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies is not even in the funding rules yet.

People use to put on their car - "Tax Disc in the post". Can you say ATA application waiting for register to reopen and deliver using the model? There are only 111 ATAs, so would not be that difficult to have the ATA register open all the time?