Benjamin Feighery

Framework/Trailblazer contracts 21/22


Hello all,

Two of my clients have live frameworks and trailblazers in 21/22 (Planned ends after 01/08/2021).  The learners are triggering errors in the hub under the old "you do not have a contract for apprenticeships" UKPRN_09 error.

has anyone else in this situation had advice/response from the ESFA on if this is an oversite in their systems that will be fixed or if it's going to require individual changes in their contracts system?

I have already checked and all issued contracts on SFS are signed and up to date as unsigned contracts have triggered this validation error in the past.



Ben F.



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This does seem to happen EVERY year, I'm guessing SLD hasn't been updated to match the contracts...

(also, BLIMEY! Trailblazers!!! Who knew there were any left!?)