Jaci Littlewood

Planned and Actual OTJ Hours


What if anything are the implications of recording higher than the planned OTJ Hours?

What are the implications of a learner working well over their OTJ Hours?

We recently commissioned a mock PFA Audit and one of the things they picked us up for what that we had in quite a few instances where

  • we had planned well over the 20% maximum as described in the funding calculation, as we worked it out accurately from our "course content and discussions with the employer
  • secondly some apprentices through their own volition worked and recorded over the 20% maximum

    The audit findings were quite scathing and picked it up as a concern (but didn't affect funding obviously!
    Thoughts please?


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Martin West

You will need to look at the reason for the audit concerns, is it recording only those hours that are classed as OTJ training?

Jaci Littlewood

Hi Martin, they didn't really say.  They just made an written observation that a lot of our apprentices were doing over the 20% as if it was a really bad thing.  I've looked in the funding and monitoring guide and can't find anything that say's anything about going over the 20%.

Martin West

See the guidance:


You will need to monitor what the Apprentice logs as OTJ training as it may not be inline with the above, if you are happy it does comply then it should not be an issue.



The only thing I can think of is they're saying that you could deliver less for the same money, but as long as the extra hours are legit and being done by the learner independently, seems a weird thing to pick you up on. Definitely wouldn't come up in a "real" audit where they count to 20% and then basically stop ;)