Apprentice active learning duration


I have always known the learning activity rule to be 12 weeks i.e if not see for 12 weeks then apprentice must go on a break or be withdrawn. I have just seen an email where someone has said that a learner must be in learning or progressing within 4 weeks or they must go on a break.

The apprentice must be involved in active learning throughout the apprenticeship (see paragraph P31.1). Where an individual agrees, with their provider and employer, to take a break of at least 4 weeks from their apprenticeship (with or without a break from work), but plans to return to their apprenticeship in the future, a break in learning must be used (see paragraphs P290 to P293).

Can anybody clarify if this means an apprentice must be seen every 4 weeks as a minimum?



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Martin West

I think you are confusing the requirement as the 12 week refers to reviews and the Apprentice must be involved in learning with the Provider or employer through the Apprenticeship, you should not claim funding for any period where the Apprentice is not in learning (purpose of a BIL is to suspend funding).


Lisa Pike

Hi Martin Can you please let me know which rule the 12 week review requirement is Thanks

Martin West

It is not a rule, but an ESFA expectation see


Lisa Pike

Thank you